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Do you suffer from Hepatitis C?
Chronic Hepatitis C is a serious illness as well as a major worldwide public health concern. It can cause liver damage, including liver cancer and liver failure, and is a major cause for liver transplants.

Hepatitis C is caused by a virus and is most commonly spread through the blood, usually through contaminated needles. Newly infected people usually do not notice any symptoms. It may not be until years, or even decades later, when symptoms appear. These symptoms may be mild or mimic other illnesses, which may lead to misdiagnosis of flu or other common conditions. Many people who are infected with the Hepatitis C virus but who have not been diagnosed transmit the illness to others before they are even aware that they have Hepatitis C

Once infected with the Hepatitis virus, 85% will develop Chronic Hepatitis C. Serious liver complications can occur, notably:

  • 85% will develop chronic infection
  • 70% will develop chronic liver disease
  • 20% will develop cirrhosis of the liver
  • 5% will die from consequences of chronic infection (liver cancer or cirrhosis)

Clinical trials seek to test investigational medications to treat Chronic Hepatitis C.


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